Technology of Today

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The technology of today as we all witness. Is changing for the better. It has evolved over the past decades, from the old and the new generation (young adults) we can truly admit technology has improved the way of life. Makes life a lot easier, over the years we can see how computers and TV’s has changed. Resolution of TV screen through computer monitors are vivid, technology had a great impact on retail and online purchases. Customers do not have to leave the home to make big or small purchases. The fact is the malls are going out of business due to a home purchase. We can even watch blockbuster movies from the homes. Without going to movies theaters and fighting among the crowds, to get seats.

Technology has affected how we can learn. Meaning online schooling. Students can go online and obtain their degree in most any field. More and more students are taking distance learning courses. And it works for the working families.

Cell phones have improved over the last 20 years. Now phones can communicate with other cell phones through texting and video-conferencing. And still make long distance calls with low payments, that fits your payment structure. Everyone one has a cell phone. Now it’s a way of life. The phone is like having a small computer in one’s pocket. We have social media to communicate with family and friends. One button away, computers can be a good thing or a negative thing. Speaking of cyber-bullies, they have a large impact on ruing one’s life, with harsh words; or slander, that can result in destruction to an individual character. One thing we have to learn or be reminded is that anything online isn’t safe, so don’t bother putting it out there in the first place. Protect yourself. (2018). The role of Technology in Today’s World and in the Future. [online] Available at: [Accessed 8 Oct. 2018].


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